Cornish Natural Spring Water is situated on the edge of Bodmin Moor in the picturesque and dramatic setting of Brown Willy and Rough Tor. The bottling plant stands on an underground lake where pure Cornish moorland kissed rainfall naturally filters through the rock to produce Cornish Natural Spring Water.

The protected source is captured deep in the hillside and is gently piped a few hundred metres to the production facility. By having the spring in the middle of our farm it enables us to ensure the quality of our water with no pesticides or fertilizers being used on the land for many years.

Before the idea of bottling the spring water came about the spring was used for household and agricultural use only, however after testing the spring we started bottling and haven't looked back since.

From the clear, crisp taste of Cornish Natural Spring Water it is obvious that the water is special, with a good balance of nutrients and minerals. Cornish Natural Spring proves to be a great tipple from the heart of Cornwall.



Nestled in the Cornish Hills at Treboy Farm there have been a number of large changes happening over recent years with the most recent introduction of a brand new fully automatic bottling machine and production area.

The new production unit has been designed and purpose built to provide a state of the art hygienic food premises especially for bottling water. The production facility boasts a brand new rinser/filler/capping machine in the pride of place.

We feel confidently equipped to maintain the loyal customer base we have worked hard to build up and improve the already high quality of our products, whilst now have far greater capacity in order to be more competitive to all of our customers present and future.

Our new state of the art plant has increased production dramatically, and we can now generate up to 15,000 bottles per hour. We are also able to produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure maximum efficiency.

Spring water is used during the rinsing cycle of the bottle prior to filling, helping to maintain the purity of our products. We have a Clean In Place (CIP) system to ensure thorough cleaning throughout the production process is achieved.



Once inside the production facility the water undertakes a treatment procedure where it is filtered before passing through an ultra-violet light to eliminate any bacteria. The spring wate is then measured into bottles or carbonated to produce sparkling water before filling takes place.

Every single bottle is washed before filling using source water to maintain the true taste of Cornish Spring Water. The rinsing, filling and capping of each bottle takes place inside the controlled environment of our bottling machine before being marked with a batch number and best before end date.

The quality of our spring water is of up most importance to us and is therefore impregnated throughout the company processes and procedures. On a daily basis we test the water in house and sample bottles are kept and checked regularly from each batch for the lifetime of product. We are tested on a monthly basis by North Cornwall District Council to ensure that we comply with the Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water Regulations 1999. Every process is documented to ensure the quality and traceability of our products.

The high quality of Cornish Natural Spring Water is due to the environment and countryside around the catchment area. In order to leep this natural quality to such a high standard it is important to look after the environment around each adn every one of us. Cornish Natural Spring Water recycles 100% of all cardboard, waste glass and PET bottles and caps generated from production, and ask you to do the same.

If you are a consumer and would like to find out more information on the benefits of glass recycling, visit:



The Cornish Glass Range - defining fine dining

The definitive spring wate for fine dining in high class restaurants, bars and hotels. Cornish Natural Spring Water's range of high class glass products are available in both still and sparkling in 250ml and 750ml.

The Cornish PET Range - keep the spring in your step

Our PET range offers the exceptional taste of Cornish Natural Spring with the freedom of on the go. Whether walking the coastal footpaths, basking on the beech or working out in the gym.

Cornish Natural Spring Projects

Here at Cornish Natural Spring we are always introducing fresh and exciting products. We are currently working with companies such as the RNLI to product Coastal Spring. This product has been designed to raise money and create awareness throughout the country and is available in both glass and plastic -

Enjoy Cornish Natural Spring, the crisp, clear taste of Cornwall



Here at Cornish Natural Spring Water we are able to produce your very own brand for your company!!

We can create and lable your unique bottle for either your own distribution of Cornish Natural Springs water or to promote your company.

Your Call, Your Company, Your Logo, Your Water.

Your companies label on the bottle, ideal for product launches, restaurants/pubs, events, festivals, the list goes on and on!

We have worked with a huge range of clients over the years enabling them to sell their own bottle, whatever the company, we can bottle it!




If you would like more information on Cornish Natural Spring, distribution or on any of our products please call 01566 86900

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